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On the Podcasts I provide exciting, interdisciplinary insights from talks with experts from academia and industry about different Topics. From the field of economics to physics, from blockchain to pico satellites and from German labour market to china business and economics.

I want to share Knowledge about new trends and developments with open-minded and curious people – people who really want to think outside the box. Enjoy the content, get part of the community.

Apr 16, 2018

Getting along with the satellite research we witness a paradigm shift especially in the context of global telecommunication channels. Traditional big multifunctional satellites will become complemented by distributed networked small satellites which have capabilities to self-organize. These small satellites can thus cover a much larger area which leads to a better temporal and spatial resolution by a team of distributed satellites. Networks of satellites can provide communication everywhere. Small satellite will be appropriate in the context of telemedicine, Industry 4.0 or the monitoring of pollution. The technology is highly interesting for places that are not connected to classical communication connections like desserts, mountains, on the see (oil platforms, offshore wind parks) or smaller villages in poor countries. These Satellite systems have potential to increase efficiency and reduce production costs. The terms of use are broad – from industrial plants to  medicine.