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On the Podcasts I provide exciting, interdisciplinary insights from talks with experts from academia and industry about different Topics. From the field of economics to physics, from blockchain to pico satellites and from German labour market to china business and economics.

I want to share Knowledge about new trends and developments with open-minded and curious people – people who really want to think outside the box. Enjoy the content, get part of the community.

Mar 26, 2018

In this Episode we talk about current research projects in the field of Games Engineering. Of course, there is a keen interest in classical computer gaming in the research activities and collaborations, but the technology that comes with games is interesting and relevant to myriads of other industries – in essence, it is about real-time interactive systems. Real-time interactive systems may, for instance, be simulations for training purposes, platforms for interactive product visualization e.g. for the automotive industry. In this context it is also possible to expose humans to situations that would be otherwise not ethically correct, acceptable or too expensive. For instance, one could measure how people see and react before accidents happen in order to improve accident avoidance. Another example where real-time interactive systems are used and helpful is the medical sector (e.g. telemedicine). The Games Engineering programme instills academic and technical knowledge about the design and development of state-of-the-art computer games and engines and the graduates are expected to find jobs in diverse industrial sectors.

Link to the course of study: