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On the Podcasts I provide exciting, interdisciplinary insights from talks with experts from academia and industry about different Topics. From the field of economics to physics, from blockchain to pico satellites and from German labour market to china business and economics.

I want to share Knowledge about new trends and developments with open-minded and curious people – people who really want to think outside the box. Enjoy the content, get part of the community.

Apr 7, 2020

The transition process of athletes from sports to work is in most cases tougher than expect – Christoph Henneberger, former professional basketball player at Wuerzburg Gemany, described his way – a path that has been set and defined very early – although it was very challenging he had a clear vision of where he would end up afterwards – playing professional sports and studying at the university – his transition path went from basketball court to the class room, where he became a teacher. Enjoy the talk.