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On the Podcasts I provide exciting, interdisciplinary insights from talks with experts from academia and industry about different Topics. From the field of economics to physics, from blockchain to pico satellites and from German labour market to china business and economics.

I want to share Knowledge about new trends and developments with open-minded and curious people – people who really want to think outside the box. Enjoy the content, get part of the community.

Apr 1, 2020

Hey, welcome back to the Podcast.

We are still in the chapter "Future of Work" and here, the discussion I had with Prof- Dr. Tanja Bipp from the University of Wuerzburg. She is an expert in the field of IO Psychology and she pointed out the paradox situation at work-life, regarding the implications of digital change and modern technology. On the one side, tech and digitalization brings more freedom and flexibility to work- people are free to work when and where they want in many cases. On the other side, the fact that employees are reachable 24/7 leads to pressure and stress. We had an interesting discussion with a lot of valuable Information.

Enjoy the discussion and let me know what you think.